Food and thus nutrition is part of our daily live. Our nutrition experts in FLEN can help you with challenges in nutrition and offer you solutions to problems.

Finnish School Meal System

A two-day intensive programme for the developers of the school meal system. The aim of the programme is to familiarise the participants with the Finnish school meal system and learn to build a healthy and sustainable school meal system promoting children’s health. After completing the intensive programme, you have a possibility to continue with our three-week consulting programme, during which you can develop the concept for school meal system in your organisation or in your country. Learn more about the  Finnish School Meal System

Health Package

The Health Package offers knowledge and tools about nutrition and physical activity
promoting the health and wellbeing of children and their families. This online course
is aimed for professionals working with children in early and primary education. The
Health Package includes a handbook in physical activity and a handbook in nutrition with
different tasks and examples of good practices.

Learn more about the Health Package from here.