Food Learning Export Network

FLEN (Food Learning Export Network) is a network of Finnish organizations offering knowhow in food related questions. FLEN offers tailor made short courses for the whole food chain according to the customers needs.

Five Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences established FLEN network in 2016. The network is a unique example of Finnish cooperation of higher education institutions from different parts of Finland.

FLEN members are Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences, Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences, Häme University of Applied Sciences, Savonia University of Applied Sciences and Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

We’re happy to answer any questions that you have. Please send us a message via the contact form and we do our best to help you.

Ardita Hoxha-Jahja (Savonian UAS), Helena Kautola (Häme UAS), Karoliina Väisänen (Jyväskylä UAS), Leila Kakko (Tampere UAS), Antti Pasila ja Elina Huhta (Seinäjoki UAS)

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