Food and thus nutrition is part of our daily live. Us as FLEN can help you with challenges in nutrition and offer you solutions to your problems.

Finnish School Meal System

Finland has offerd health and well-being for kids since 1948. The free meal offered in elementary schools is unique good example of Finnish knowhow in nutrition.

FLEN offers two day intensive course about The Finnish School Meal System. Learn more how the system can be implicated in your country also.

Vitamin D Passport

Vitamin D Passport is a new and innovative mobile application which helps user to understand the importance of different vitamins in the diet. People have various lack of vitamins in different countries. Vitamin D Passport can be adjusted to the needs of the specific country or region. It is easy and fun way to learn and understand the importance of vitamins and micronutrients in your daily diet. For that reason, it is an excellent tool for young people to explore the world of nutrition.

We also offer two day intensive Certifiation Course about D Vitamin and the importance of it in our daily diet.

Happy Children

Children's obesity is growing problem caused by unhealthy habits and nutrition. See how we can overcome children's obesity and tackle overweight problems with Happy Children two day intensive course.